November 23, 2016 by readlisaread

I’m not sure, when I have the *opportunity* to be disappointed in someone, if that feeling stems from what I feel about the other person, or what I feel about myself for having misjudged, yet again, someone else’s character.

I don’t expect more of people than I am willing to give, and yet I so often find I am disappointed that that is not the reciprocation. That there is limited return on investment, if you will.

So here is the question, my dear and faithful reader…. do I lower my standards, or do I carry on being disappointed in the human experience?

Please submit your answers by the deadline….


  1. Connie says:

    Keep being you

  2. readlisaread says:

    Thanks Connie… I guess that’s my only real choice, hey? 🙂

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