January 16, 2017 by readlisaread

There are things I believe to be true about the Universe. For example I believe in Karma, and that while it isn’t always obvious when she visits, visit she does. I also believe that what you you put out comes back to you. I was reminded of this, in spades, a couple of times this past week.  In a recent post, I expressed negative feelings about an attitude I have often experienced in meetings and on committees over the years.  Unfortunately, even though I was speaking in general terms, the examples I used were recent, and some of the words were identifiable as belonging to a coworker.  It’s not difficult to imagine my colleague did not appreciate being characterized — or more accurately, caricature-ized–in a negative light.

Fair, right?

What always surprises me, when issues like this come up, is how very differently the parties can view the “facts”.  (The quotation marks are because sometimes, Fact has nothing to do with it, and emotions often seem to trump both logic and truth).

Oddly, throughout much of last week, I seemed to be having difficulty making myself understood, or understanding what others wanted me to know.  I generally consider myself a good communicator, especially in an electronic medium. (Granted, while I can be entertaining in person, I can get tongue-tied and quite at a loss to access greater than one-syllable utterances).

When I’m struggling with an issue, a question I always ask is “What am I supposed to learn here?”. I don’t know if my week of bad communication experiences provided me a lesson I wanted, but it must have been a lesson I needed, if nothing other than forcing me to be a little quieter, a little more introspective, a little less reactive. My Online self,  that is…. the flesh and blood Me is as large and loud as ever…. don’t even worry about it….



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