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March 23, 2017 by readlisaread

Hello kids. Today, a little lighter-hearted (don’t let the title of the post trick you).  I have written frequently about personality inventories (such as the Myers-Briggs) and while there is less generalities than the daily horoscope, they are not an exacting science.  It is an INTERESTING science, though, and when I trip across articles such as the one I share today, I am impressed by the constancy of truth of being, in my case, an ENFP.  There are many, many examples of MB type tests on the Internet, and many are as reliable as any you might do with a trained MB Facilitator.  Look for one with lots of questions — 100 or more, and try a few to compare.  Also, the ones that give you a percentage of each quadrant are helpful.  For example, I usually test out at high 95+% for Extroversion over Introversion, but often run only +/- 60% Perceiving over Judging.

Today’s little number is how MB Types each respond to stress.  Links included so you can try out your type.  I have emphasized the items I found to be true, for me. I coloured the things I didn’t think were true for me.  Anything not emphasized or coloured, I am ambivalent about

Here’s the link: CLICK

ENFP – The Inspirer

What stresses out an ENFP:
– Environments where rules are rigidly enforced                                          – Focusing on repetitive, detailed tasks
– Having to focus too much on sensory details
Having to focus too much on the past or present
Not being able to use their intuition
Constraints on brainstorming or envisioning
A lack of outside stimulation
Being micromanaged
Having creativity stifled
– Having to complete projects before they’re ready
– Lack of appreciation
– Having their values violated
Overextending themselves for others

ENFPs tend to overextend themselves, and procrastinate, which is often a source of stress as it complicates their lives. When they become stressed, their naturally charming natures become more irritable and over-sensitive. When stressed, ENFPs feel alienated and engage in deceptions to obscure what is occurring within themselves. They will feel that they are losing control over their own independent identities and feel conflicted by intruding circumstances. During continued stress, they may fall into the grip of their inferior function, introverted sensing. When this happens, they become obsessive and depressed. They will become hyper-aware of minor bodily sensations or abnormalities and interpret them as a sign of a serious illness. They may have a hard time communicating clearly, and feel numb and frozen inside. Their thinking may become cloudy and convoluted. They will feel that there are no possibilities or ways out. They may feel overwhelmed, out of control, unable to sort out priorities, and thus become inflexible. Some become obsessive about record keeping, cleaning, or other household tasks.

How to help an ENFP with stress:
– Give them space and time alone to sort out their feelings.
– Remind them that they are able and competent.
– Give them permission to “escape”
– Don’t give them advice. It won’t help right now.
– Don’t ask for details.
– Don’t try to “fix” the problem.
– Meditation often helps ENFPs
– Listen to them.
– Encourage them to exercise
– Encourage them to get enough sleep
– Encourage them to get a massage
– Be warm and kind in the way you speak to them
– After they’ve calmed down a little, ask them if they want help evaluating the situation.

This was an add-on bonus I thought was interesting, as well: Click for Scary Things




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