Guangzhou adventure….Day 2.5-ish


August 1, 2017 by readlisaread

We braved the streets for dinner tonight, we eight, we pasty-white Canadians, through back alleys and dubious side streets and amidst stares and disdainful looks, and also friendly smiles and greetings, like the one girl who stopped us to ask if we needed directions. She apologized profusely for her English, which was so many thousand times greater than our Cantonese. Most of us haven’t mastered more than thank-you, hello, and beer, please. Two of the tribe had discovered a little back-alley restaurant earlier and led us through the maze of back streets until we found it. Full, not too noisy, and a beautiful corner table near the fan just for us. Eight bowls of noodles (possibly ordered by mistake) a plate of shrimp, several vegetable dishes, and rather a lot of beer (but only 3.75%, given the heat of the day, not a ridiculous amount of beer). A couple of hours of eating barely put a dent in the food, some of which we were not able to attribute to any known animal.


Settling the bill found us $52 later. Each….. Oh, that’s 50Yuan…. equivalent to about $10CAD

And then the skies opened, as they only can in China, and even though we made it back to within 30 metres of our hotel, it didn’t save us from a most refreshing soaking

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  1. Carleen says:

    Enjoying your adventures so far!

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