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August 9, 2017 by readlisaread

The fish pond in front of our hotel– often there are small children playing in it

Walking towards the highway, this area is a mix of shops and services

The building at the end becomes a restaurant most nights, and runs all night

The green awnings pull out to create a huge space filled with plastic patio furniture

This is the car wash– sometimes there are 3 or 4 cars getting detailed

This alley is like all the rest, shops and restaurants and homes

The path to the crosswalk is a narrow street, where cars, busses, motorcycles, scooters and bikes cane be coming in any and all directions

Although the alleys are a little sketchy, I did think the sun shine was attractive

This is our crosswalk. It crosses a major highway– kind of six lanes but occasionally an ad hoc lane pops up… mostly the lights are respected

Some cars go straight through, but if they need to go the opposite direction, there seems to be a bit more random rules around this

This lady just headed across the highway. I guess she’s going to hop the meridian in her nice clothes and high heels. Not the first time I saw this

Here’s the entrance road to the university. Traffic comes from kind of three directions– sort of– the best way to tell is to listen for the horns

The courtyard outside our classrooms. I am on the second floor

It’s only about a 10 minute walk from our hotel to the school. But it is never a boring or uneventful one…



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