It’s all good…till it stops working


March 14, 2009 by readlisaread

We have about 60 3-year-old iBooks in the building (that’s like one 180 year old computer, I think?). They are nice machines, they are just not very stable. Part of it is wear and tear, part of it is just age, and no small measure is the flakiness of our network and server. It can be SO hard to get teachers to actually use technology, and then to have it fail them….endlessly… it’s really asking too much of people already overstretched. I work at a mid-sized middle school (just over 500 kids) and along with the laptops, I work in a (beautiful) 30 station iMac lab, next door to a 30 station eMac lab. Additionally, every teacher has a desktop computer, the office has a couple of stations, and there are probably another dozen or so computers scattered about in the library and resource centre. If we were a business, we’d have a full time IT guy. If we were sensible, we would at least have some release time for me to try to trouble shoot some of the issues and affect a solution. I don’t have enough training or time to do it now…

Bah. Maybe something magical will happen over Spring Break…..

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  1. […] Since the program finished (3 years ago) it has Not Been Repeated in our district.  Small bloody wonder. However, we ended up with about 150 laptops that were originally supposed to be offered for buy-out to the kids at the end of the program, but the Prince of IT changed his mind on that, and we kept them, with the idea of them being put to use by more students in the two Middle schools, offering more connectivity to more kids than the one or two teaching labs could provide. Great. Not so much the reality, since it’s all good until it stops working. […]

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