My social studies 7 class requires a passport and some dilithium crystals….


September 13, 2009 by readlisaread

Grade 7 Social Studies.  I haven’t looked at the content for it since I was in Grade 7 myself, but I find myself teaching it this year.  Along with my Grade 7, 8 and 9 Info Tech classes, I have one academic block.  Last year it was Math 8 (*shudder*), but this year….I feel like I’ve won the lottery.

Primitive Man

Ancient Greece




Ancient China

I cannot wait! My plan, since I’ll be teaching in my lab, is to integrate a lot of media– I’ve already found some great stuff on the Lascaux cave paintings, and since it’s an Olympics year (and by fluke, right in my back yard) the Ancient Greece unit should really come alive.  But more than that–much more–I want to engage their brains to the fullest.  To that end, they are going to have passports (our first project will be to create them) and we will employ the use of Time Travel to get where we are going.  By the end of the year, their “passports” will have become a travel diary, filled with memories of our travels together.

I’ve already spent more money than I ought at Amazon on a collection of terrific (I hope!) read-aloud books. We don’t have windows in our room, and there aren’t any captivating posters or engaging displays up on the walls or hanging from the ceiling….but this is going to be a year of fantastic flights of fancy….. I cannot wait!  (And they pay me for this!!)

I won’t make it through all of these books, I know, but here are my read-aloud selections:

The Wadjet Eye

Galen: My Life in Imperial Rome

Dar and the Spear-thrower

The Story of Ancient China

The Golden Bull

In Search of a Homeland: The Story of the Aeneid

The Wanderings Of Odysseus: The Story Of the Odyssey


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