Convince me to Tweet.


November 6, 2009 by readlisaread

I have an opportunity to facilitate a class –one that I took in my own graduate studies.  It was one of my favourite classes, as it gets right to the point of what the Internet means to me:  Building online Community.  So, here is a little glimpse of how this opportunity is taking shape.  This course is always co-facilitated, and the opportunity to do so for the next enrollment was offered to myself and 2 other Alumni. In conversation with the one who will end up co-facilitating with me, I suggested that while I liked Blogs and Wikis, I would very much like to incorporate Twitter as well.  My colleague’s reply was: “Well, you’ll have to sell me on Twitter.”

Normally, this would shock me, but I am learning that 1) not everyone feels the same way about any given topic as I do; and 2) Just because their opinion is different than mine, it doesn’t automatically presume they are wrong.


I am genuinely stumped by statements like: “I don’t really use email”.  Now, I can think of some living situations and some lifestyles where, indeed, this would be an acceptable attitude. Being that my field is Education, and we are (attempting to be) teaching the “Digital Natives” or “Generation Y-the Plugged in generation”, this statement from another teacher makes me want to say something snarky, like “Yeah, it’s probably a passing fad”; or “Yeah, I don’t cotton much to the Telephone myself”.  But I do try to cut the Luddites some slack, given that I myself only got online less than 10 years ago.

Still……when asked “Why would you use Twitter as a teaching tool?”, my first inclination is to respond: “Wow….why on earth wouldn’t you!?”

I can’t wait to see if can “entweet” this person over to my  way of thinking!



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