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May 22, 2010 by readlisaread

So I decided the other day that I would share my blog with my Info Tech 9 class.  I particularly pointed out the tagging section, and asked them why they thought FaceBook was the most frequently used tag.  “Because you don’t think it should be banned in school!?” said one of my bright sparks.  Yep, bingo. I was a tiny bit hesitant to share it with them, and I told them that they could comment if they wanted to, but don’t be idiots.  Yes, I really said that.  It’s astonishing, actually, the stuff that comes out of my mouth that I would NEVER have said to Elementary students. At the same time, I always remember their egos are fragile.

I’m a bit disappointed, altogether, in my grade 9’s this year, though.  Part of the problem was that there were a number of kids who actually didn’t even want to be in the class, but didn’t get their first, second or third choice…..*sigh*……But, it’s only my second year in the program, so I HOPE next year is more successful, and I start to gain some momentum.  As I wrote about earlier, I am a bit tired of these kids who don’t want to create anything, they just want to kill zombies or look at FAILBlog.  Mind you……perhaps I ought not have showed them FAILblog at the start of the year…..heh….at least I never showed them People of Walmart……

The year’s almost over.  I wonder if any of them will visit my blog again.   Hellllllllloooo E-Block, wherever you are……

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No Caption Needed


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