Are you looking at me?


November 8, 2010 by readlisaread

Are you looking at Me?

Are you looking at Me?

OK, I’m no DeNiro.  But I had a little reminder yesterday about the power of the Internet to connect people. The knowledge that this person had found my blog and was reading about what I have been up to since last we met gave me mixed feelings.  A warm feeling that old friends still watch out for me, a nostalgic feeling for not being able to spend the time I’d like to with people, so that Face-2-Face friends become FaceBook friends, and finally a little feeling of disquiet that, as I constantly remind my students, “stuff” you put out there on the Internet stays out there.

In my case, it’s a really good thing, because I love knowing that even if I can’t have a conversation with a friend, they can still know what I’m thinking about.  Right now, I’m thinking about you. Yes, you.  Thanks for letting me exist in your personal Internet space.


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