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February 23, 2011 by readlisaread

I have a real issue with censorship (not unlike most educated people) and I apply this same dislike to Internet Filtering.  The two converged for me today in a beautiful irony.  I received an email from BC Literacy Forum sharing some links and thoughts.  The list mentioned Pink Shirt Day, Internet safety, and the fact that this is Freedom to Read Week.  There was a link included to a list of books that are currently banned in various places.  Curious, I clicked the link and…..

The BC Government Bans the list of Banned Books

The BC Government Bans the list of Banned Books

I chuckled about the irony, and then got annoyed.  The Red Screen of Death isn’t my enemy, though.  If we don’t teach children how to discern “good” from “bad” information, how to be literate about the media they engage in, to read texts that challenge their own sense of morality… how will they function in the adult world of choices.  And at the very least….how will they learn what material should be banned and blocked from the next generation, after all, they are the next wave of Censorship Police…..


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