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April 19, 2012 by readlisaread

Once in awhile, the magic happens… last January I was getting prepared to facilitate my course for RRU and I was looking for a new kind of introduction.  Since this is a fully online course, and I had not met the learners prior to the course start, I really wanted to offer an engaging “How do you do!?”.  In the past I had created XtraNormal skits, posted photos and told funny stories.  This year, I had no bright ideas.  I asked the question on Twitter one day: “I am looking for an emerging technology to use in an introductory Technology course”.  And the answer came back “What about QR codes?”.  I had seen these, and thought they were clever, but never did I dream they would send a whole new energy into my life.   Perhaps we should listen more to marketers and less to Politicians?

Not only did my learners love the intro, I was featured in a Faculty newsletter, and invited to speak at an Educational Technology users conference….. Here is the document that started it all! QRScavenger hunt

And here is the Faculty Newsletter, too, just for good measure….Faculty Newsletter

All of this led to an invite to present a workshop at eTUG.




  1. Sylvia Currie says:

    Look forward to your upcoming ETUG session, Lisa! And yay, I finally get to meet you in person!

  2. readlisaread says:

    Yay! Thanks Sylvia! I’m looking forward to meeting you, too– “for realz”

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