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September 11, 2012 by readlisaread

Nothing is straight forward about technology–or education. Rather out of the blue, I took a new job with the school district.  I am the (interim) District Information Technology Coordinator.  Because it is a 50% position, I maintained half of my job at Middle School. Because Middle School runs on a very particular schedule–in our case, a 2 day time table–I had to tailor the new job to fit the old job, which means I work at Middle school on Day 1, and at the board office on Day 2. Monday, Wednesday, Friday one week, and Tuesday, Thursday the next.  But not predictably, as anything can bump the schedule off track….

My first day consisted of getting new toys… a Blackberry phone *gag*, a Macbook Pro *hurray!* and the promise of more to come…. Best of all, I get to go out in the district and hang out with teachers, helping them implement Technology.  In a Coordinated way.  I guess if I can coordinate my crazy schedule, I should be able to help a grade 3 class write a discussion post….or use an iPad….or read an eBook…..


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