Of Learning– theory, models and fractals.


December 13, 2015 by readlisaread

The other day in my companion blog, The Uncoordinated Coordinator, I wrote a piece about the Learning Fractal and have been pondering how we view learning. Several years ago, I was facilitating a course on Learning Theory for a nearby university, and at one point created a graphic about learning models: LisasMadeUpModel.007It is designed to incorporate all the main Learning Theory players, from Freud and Pavlov to Bandura, Kolb and Vygotsky.  I even threw in a little Gardner, even though he seems to have sadly fallen from favour. The central image represents Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development, and I find it fascinating that this little number keeps coming up in different guises.  Most recently, as a way to describe circles of influence, as applies to both the learning fractal and personal learning networks. It occurred to me that the central circle– the “I’m ready to move on in my own learning by sharing with others” zone, especially as  teachers ought to behave, that inner-most circle actually acts as a whirlpool, drawing others in when they are ready.  It’s not just a passive place of reflection, but an active place of influence. Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 6.42.20 PM


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