Convergence 2.0


February 3, 2017 by readlisaread

The other day I was driving home when I pulled over to take a phone call.  It was someone I really like talking to, but rarely get to.  We finished our conversation, during which time the light shifted from gloaming to twilight nearly-dark (which, in the middle of winter in the mountainous Pacific Northwest can be a matter of minutes).  As I completed my drive home, I glanced up and caught site of a lovely crescent moon cradling a faint but still present Mars, with Venus off to right– close by, I suppose, in Space terms. I remembered reading days earlier that Mars would be visible, but it hadn’t stuck in my mind as plan to make a point to view this rare planetary convergence, all the more rare for the clear and cloudless sky.

I was struck by all the layers of chance and happenstance that make up the opportunities to experience moments of magic.


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