Curriculum Vitae (or, Resume reading my Resume)


CV, current as of May 2014ResumeMay14     Please click the link to view in PDF form.

The short version is this:

  • Classroom teacher of 20+ years, all grades from 1 to 9, with a little bit of grade 12
  • Generalist, with a focus on Literature, Humanities and art, but with a passion for Digital Information.
  • Developing and presenting workshops for other educators on topics involving social media, educational technology, collaboration and managing digital resources.
  • Ministry of Education connections in the form of doing instructional design for Open School, Ed Tech Mentors network appointee.
  • Associate Faculty at Royal Roads University in the Learning and Technology MA program
  • Graphic design, solving problems, working in and understanding systems… perhaps not an agent of change, but certainly a willing participant, because the opposite of Change is Stagnation.



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