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  1. What’s the best classroom technology?


    January 6, 2011 by readlisaread

    I was reading this post that @gcouros tweeted earlier tonight.  In it, Eric Sheninger asks the question “What is the …
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  2. Update on the Bright-Shiny


    November 12, 2010 by readlisaread

    I challenged myself to come up with a SMARTboard lesson that would demonstrate all that is good about IWB.  I …
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  3. Maybe we should just stop calling it Homework….It’s just Learning


    November 7, 2010 by readlisaread

    I have raged at the battle of Homework many times in my career. Over the 15 or so years I’ve …
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  4. My social studies 7 class requires a passport and some dilithium crystals….


    September 13, 2009 by readlisaread

    Grade 7 Social Studies.  I haven’t looked at the content for it since I was in Grade 7 myself, but …
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