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I’m a “late-adopter” to technology, though I wouldn’t say a new-luddite, exactly (mainly because that seems like a REALLY geeky claim to make, and I have enough nerd issues already).

But this page is About Me….

I am a learner, a teacher, a curious member of the species, fascinated by all and everything around me (well, usually).

I live a huge portion of my life online, but for me it’s about social learning.

In order of priority, I am:






Propeller Beanie


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  1. Frances Embury says:

    Hi Lisa
    I found you on RRU alumni blog site. I too am an educator – Mentor for the Ministry of Education in Malaysia. I am trying so very hard to get some teachers in North America to participate in a pen pal program with the students here. When I was back in Canada in December I visited many schools in BC but found that they would not talk to me due to the work to rule situation. I have developed a format for the project to work – leaving very little work for the teachers to do and a wonderful experience for both parties that take part. We are both living in rain forests, but that is where the similarity ends. I am mentoring teachers in primary grades, so the format I have made is very simple. An exchange of about 2 -3 letters is all that will have to be done as our school years do not match. We begin in Janauary – you in September. If you are willing or know of someone that could do this I would love to have a reply. I would also send a copy of what I have developed to make this work. I can be reached at frances.embury@gmail.com for that communication. I have a work address at Brighton Education as well but that website in this sadly deficient technology area of the world is unreliable. I hope to hear from you soon. Frances Embury

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