Birth12687990_10153832034891291_7410246136001659494_nI’ve decided I’d like to share some of my *other* writings here.  Poetry, fiction, different sorts of non-fiction that don’t seem to fit in a blog post… all sorts.  I hope you find something you like, or that makes you think, or is in some way something you were looking for.

1) the back story

2)Why we do what we do

3) Dignity

4) Dignity, Part 2

5) Momentarily deleted, pending publication elsewhere

6) semaphore

7) My Heart doesn’t know it’s 50

8) Breaking


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  1. Dafyd says:

    53 is worse than 50.

    Can you recall events in your life in 1966? The crawling, the crying, the pooping. Your first birthday…

    How about 1969. The walking, the talking, the one giant leap for mankind, the pooping

    im nimbus. I am a human

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