Valentine’s 2.0


February 14, 2017 by readlisaread

There is often bally-hoo (nice old fashioned word, no?) about the commercialization of Christmas and Easter and even Hallowe’en- or at least, a loss of the original intent.  I saw a post on Facebook today that said: “Happy Hallmark Day!” and given the mood I was in, I enjoyed my sardonic chuckle. It also got me to thinking about future generations researching the day.  Here is a collection of things you can find by just doing a random search on Valentine’s Day:

Image result for valentine's dayImage result for valentine'sImage result for valentine's

  Image result for valentine's day massacre

Image result for st valentineImage result for st valentineImage result for I choo choo choose you

So, yeah, maybe the holiday has been a little bastardized…. Cinnamon Hearts, anyone?



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