Singapore– welcome heat, happy humidity


August 14, 2017 by readlisaread

After the endurance test that is the weather of Guangzhou, it’s a relief to feel ocean breezes again.  It’s still hot, don’t get me wrong, but temps of 30° actually feel like 30°, not 45°. The streets are clean, the scents are pleasant, and I am once again unremarkable– no staring, no following me around grocery story aisles. But more than that, every person I pass IS remarkable in some way.  Singapore is a cultural extravaganza. There are people from, seemingly, every race, country, ethnicity, religion, persuasion, political or otherwise. Obviously, I am now the one staring… In as much as Guangzhou was an assault on the senses, Singapore is a stimulant. Sensory overload still at times, but welcome and invigorating.

Yesterday’s adventure included a walk through Little India and a visit to “Mustafa”– Singapore’s answer to Costco. The variety is endless, familiar brand names and foods I’ve never heard of made by mysterious-sounding companies. Here are my first couple of days in pictures…


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