Nostalgia for a place I’ve never been


August 17, 2017 by readlisaread

One of the things I was curious about while visiting Singapore was the British Colonial history.  I asked my driver on the way in from the Airport and he confirmed that yes, there was a lot of British architecture and history of which the Singaporeans are very proud.  I’m learning, however, that Singaporeans are also very agreeable/amenable and have an interesting way of always presenting themselves as such, even when they aren’t.  In any event, I thought I might take the GirlChild to Hight Tea or something during my week here, but that does not seem to be one of the holdovers from Colonial times. I did, however, find something, and it kind of made me laugh.  Raffles Hotel was built in Singapore in the late 1800’s, and has for most of those years represented the best of Britain to travellers and ex-pats.  The hotel also claims the birthright of a famous cocktail in one of its bars.

Behold my moment of Nostalgia for the first Cocktail I adored.  I had even forgotten about it, as my alcohol life cycle has progressed from Slings and Mai Tais to wine and beer to more sophisticated/less fruity cocktails (Like French 75s) and finally to Whiskey. But oh yes, I DO remember ordering Singapore Slings in the Brass Rail, and Juliet’s, and possibly even Raffles’ Canadian cousin The Empress.

So, funnily enough, while I was glad of the opportunity, the drink didn’t really WOW me, ostensibly as it once had.  Nostalgia is funny that way– sometimes you can’t go back, and sometimes it’s even better than you remember.  Undoubtedly, the ‘Slings would have improved with repetition.


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