The President is my wingman


March 29, 2017 by readlisaread

There are a lot of things to dislike about aging– aches, pains, grey hairs, lowered resistance to gravity, increased resistance to staying up late….etc. But, then again, I don’t much fancy the alternative to having birthdays…

I do enjoy some of the deep learning I’ve done as I have sped through the first 5 decades. I take other people less seriously, and I certainly take myself less seriously. I am offended less often, and find even more reasons to laugh on a daily basis–more and more often at myself.

As was the case today.

Some months ago, enjoying a sunny afternoon after work, I pulled up to a stop light in my new (to me) Lincoln Town Car.  Yes, that is the badass machine I ride. So, as I’m idling at the light, I sense attention from the car next to me. I quickly glance sideways, and sure enough, two kids in the car beside me are Checking.Me.Out. Well, you don’t get to be 50 without knowing when you are being checked out. I didn’t have to look over again to know both sets of eyes were roaming freely over the body….of my car. Oh, and the “kids”?  Yeah, about 35.

I love telling that hardly-embellished-at-all story, probably because I my car– The President– has a reputation all his own. “Wingman” is one of the attributes he has been credited with, after a few incidences like the one above, and today’s Gas Station Fling. We (the Prez and I) pulled in to get some gas.  As I was standing waiting for the tank to fill, I noticed the “kid” in the car in front of me using the squeegee to clean his windscreen, even though it was pouring rain.  When he finished, he turned to me and asked could he clean mine too. At first I demurred “Oh, it doesn’t seem worth it, with this rain”, but he was adamant, and so I agreed.  When he finished, I thanked him, and he got back in his car and drove off.

The best/worst part of accepting that this was comparable to being helped across the street was when I thanked him, I said “How kind, thank you”.  At least I didn’t add “…dear.”


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