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May 7, 2011 by readlisaread

You know you are a geek when….. I found myself surrounded by smart people talking about interesting things in a building dedicated to learning and innovation.

Where: The Vancouver Island Technology Park

Why: TEDxJuan de Fuca

With: A variety of really interesting speakers

When: a full day of sharing, networking, learning and having horizons expanded.I arrived at about 12:30, the event started at 1:00pm, and was divided into 3 sections, each with several live speakers and one pre-recorded video from another TED or TEDx conference.

Bonus feature:  The videos included one from William Kamkwamba
that, even though it was pre-recorded a few years earlier, was still so moving and impacted us so greatly, it  got wild applause.

Speaking of applause, in an obvious but accidental parallel, this speaker: Taylor Conroy was the only speaker to receive (and greatly deserve) a standing ovation.

Other bonus feature: I was pretty impressed with the brain power (and the heart) in the room, and feeling like I was a bit out of my depth when at the after-party I was sat beside 2 astronomers and across from a micro biologist and a professional writer.  Imagine my surprise (and how quickly I was made to feel at ease) when Peter Unrau remembered my name. I actually still don’t know HOW he knew my name, but I still owe him a beer for that.

It really was an opportunity to learn from one-another. And made me really excited about being involved in TED again in the future, as well as another special project one of the talks inspired…..more on that in a future post.

If I turn up in any of the official photos, I’ll update with those too.

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  1. Carol-Lynne says:

    Great to have some feedback on the event! Keep your eye on TEDx events in Victoria! Lots of opportunities to get involved. Thanks for being part of the heart of the movement!

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