Small cupcakes, small world, small shout out.


October 23, 2012 by readlisaread

Perhaps you have visited my page about Coincidence. Well, today’s story ALMOST merits inclusion on the page, and would have been, if only technology hadn’t intervened.  Here’s what went down….

I was in a new retail development called “Uptown” –kind of an open-air/outlet mall/plaza sort of a thing, located (ironically) just outside of downtown Victoria.  I went first into a tea store, and while I was waiting for my chai latte, a young hipstery sort of a guy came in, obviously known to the Tea Shop staff, and general kibbitzing and merriment ensued while he ordered his tea. I finished my purchases, walked back into the plaza and spotted the Cupcake store. Thinking a dozen delicious mini-cupcakes would be the perfect “Mommy’s Home!” gift, in I went.  Only to come face to face with the Hipster from the Tea Shop. At this point, for whatever reason, we both started to speak ala gangster: “that would be dope, yo”, and “that’s how I roll”, and “I see you are are quite gangsta”. There was also a suggestion that I had stalked him from the Tea Store, but he wouldn’t know I was stalking him unless I showed up in his driveway….When he said “Oh, I’m not worried about that, it’s too far away” I should have paid attention.







More than an hour later and about 50km away, I pulled up to the stop light, waiting to turn left,  5 minutes from home.  I happen to glance at the car to my right, and who should be driving but the Gangsta Cupcake Merchant. I rolled down my window, I waved, a beeped my horn, but as I said at the top, it was only technology that intervened and made this coincidence so much less than it could have been…. probably 40% of the time when I stop at that particular light, I don’t trigger the advance green.  Sometimes, I’ve sat through 3 cycles before it gives me my advance.  Today? Nope, worked first time, and as I pulled away from my almost-new-best-coincidence-friend, I knew why he hadn’t seen me… he was looking down, doing the tell-tale check-my-phone-at- the-stoplight maneuver….not knowing that merely 10 feet to his left, with a big grin of disbelief on its face, was the most awkward moment of his life.

Safe travels, Cupcake Boy…. you were SO close to making it to the Show.


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