MYABC Middle School Conference


April 20, 2009 by readlisaread

Yay! That was fun!! What a terrific conference– well organized, great energy and LOTS of diversity. The only disappointing thing was having it shortened (necessity=low registration). However, in the end, I think the numbers were almost at max. Hard to sustain a 2 day conference in these times. I look forward to next year’s, for sure!

My own difficulties came from having 4 topics mashed into one, in a presentation that could have taken 4 hours mashed into 1 hour. I guess I’ll need to invent the “4:1 Presentation Formula” My crowd was good– full house of 30 or so. Broad cross-section of teachers– not the crowd I was sort of prepared for– but in a way, not surprising, as classroom teachers are expected to fulfill the technology needs for lots of the students– where IT doesn’t exist as an elective/etc.

AND! Nice treats in my *thank you* bag! Yay!

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