Someone was mean to me on the Internet!


December 19, 2009 by readlisaread

I had an unfortunate incident the other day. Without revealing too many, well, revealing details, suffice it to say I thought I was being Witty, when in fact I was being obnoxious, and the person I offended kicked me out of his club. So now, when I see his name, I get this little emotional reaction of sadness and embarrassment. I’d like to ask him if I could be in his club again, if I promised to toe the line, but on the other hand, I’m a little peeved he only gave me one chance. On yet some other hand, since we are complete strangers in every other way, why on earth should he give me another chance? Which brings me back to the main point. A complete stranger, from the Internet, formed an opinion about I didn’t think was fair. I don’t think non-social-networkers understand how incredibly powerful those networks are, or can be.

Am I put-off because I think this guy doesn’t “like” me? Nah. I’ve come to respect his presence and online manner, and I’m disappointed in myself for forgetting how I present myself can impact others.

For the record, it was just a joke about butt-related plastic surgery (or is that Plasstic Surgery?). It not like I ran over a couple of LolCats or something.


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