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October 21, 2011 by readlisaread

Last spring I attended a TEDx event, where a couple of presentations inspired me to want to do something big.  People who are Teachers are funny–even if they don’t actually work in a school, the natural Teachers are a funny breed.  Teachers not only want to Teach, they want to take caretake. So when I watched the video of young William Kamkwamba I wanted to know that he and his family were ok, that his village had recovered from the years of drought and was prospering.  When I sat and listened to Taylor Conroy  later that day, I realized that that need to take of people was a realizable goal.

And so the thought that became an idea that grew to a plan and ended up being an Epic Goal was realized.

I went to my next staff meeting and shared my idea with the bunch of teachers that I work with everyday. As I hoped, they jumped on board with my idea to build a school in Africa, in celebration of our school’s 50th anniversary.

And then it got real.

Principal talks to me a few days later, and asks how I feel about a Bigger Better More campaign, where instead of One school only, we build one school to represent each decade that we have been teaching kids. Each in a different country.  And so The 5 5 5 project was born– 5 schools in 5 countries, representing 5 decades.

This is more than Go Big or Go Home……this is Go Global or Stay Home.

Please watch the video of our launch to find out how it all went down.

And stay tuned…..

5 000 into 50 000 for 5 5 5


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