Again with the experts….


May 2, 2012 by readlisaread

Several times I have blogged about “The Experts” generally Really Smart People from somewhere else who come to tell us how we ought to be doing things.  Naturally, I am always a bit resentful. And, in fairness, I am probably a little hypersensitive to it, for there are a lot of good ideas in the world, sometimes I just need reminding.  Well, I got reminded.  The school was called down to the gym for an assembly, the topic: “Internet Safety”.  ‘Oh here we go’, I thought jadedly, ‘another “expert” telling the kids not to go into chatrooms and instead go out and play.’  And I am jaded–I think it’s an occupational hazard of educational technologists.  In my case, I have no reason to be smug–even though my knowledge and grasp of the digital world is vast, it’s all Iceberg (in other words, 90% is below the surface, or outside of my grasp). However, it’s still been my experience that The Experts are no more or less knowledgeable than me.  Until the assembly started.  And right away I realized this guy had something.  This guy is Darren, a police officer who works exclusively in Internet issues, especially as relate to kids, online predation and cyberbullying.  There were so many points he made that were important, it would take me almost 2 hours to write it all up.  2 hours, because that is how long over 600 kids, aged 11 to 15, sat on the gym floor and in bleachers and listened. Riveted by the stories he shared.  Straight shooter, and fully immersed in the kids’ culture.  Finally… expert who really was.  I was at once validated and humbled.  I’m not saying I won’t cop a ‘tude the next time I get called down for an assembly, but I am happy to confess I learned something, and was impressed by the delivery.  Find out more at Darren’s web site (don’t be put off by the appearance….I could give him some pointers on web design, I guess, if I wanted to feel smug again…..)


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  2. Catherine Novak says:

    I have a son at Colquitz, and he came home bubbling with information and and enthusiasm about the Internet Security expert’s talk. Thanks for adding the link to his site so we jaded IT moms can learn something, too!

  3. readlisaread says:

    My pleasure, Catherine, and thanks for reading!! You can follow Darren on Twitter as well!/crimefighterguy (@crimefighterguy)

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