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June 7, 2020 by readlisaread

This is a real departure from the uzhe, kids, but I’ve been tumbling these ideas around in my head for a bit, and this is my “figuring things out venue” so here we go.

Here are the facts you need to know:

1) I love my job and make a decent wage

2) I love supporting charities

3) I am a single-person household

All of that was sustainable and plates I was able to spin cohesively (if that’s a thing).  But then came the COVID. And then came a change to my job. And no change on the horizon for #3.

The main way in which I supported my favourite local charity was to give time.  During the lockdown that was impossible. Being able to support the charity with cash donations was always a bit of a stretch, I mean every little bit helps… but I was now talking very little bits.  And I wanted to do more.

A few years ago, a really smart friend of mine started a little sideline business with BeautyCounter.  She got involved solely because she fell in love with the products– and they are amazing–and the way BeautyCounter ran their business. She tried to encourage me to come on board as a consultant, but I insisted I was not good at sales.  And I’m not. It was that struggle between “I want to share this great product with you” and “Hi, I know we’re friends but I’d like to ask you for some of your money.”

But while in lockdown, unable to do any on the ground support of my favourite charity, I struck on the idea:  “I would like my friends to try these really great products AND support charity”.  I didn’t mind asking for their money if it was going to a great cause.

So, first (before you roll your eyes and sigh at yet another pyramid scheme, MLM pitch), here’s some things you need to know about Beauty Counter:

The company is built on four pillars:

And here is an independent article on the Beauty Counter business model:

Busting Myths about becoming a BeautyCounter consultant

And so how does this play out for me? I launched a project called “Beautiful Causes” and:

  1. Instagram.  I’ve been putting up a little daily video message about products or my charity– or just life in general.
  2. Upload those and other related content to my YouTube channel
  3. Created a Facebook page for information, links and a donation button
  4. Selected my favourite local charity:  Nourish Cowichan
  5. Invited people to consider if they would like to have a “pop-up” event to support their favourite charity or cause.

My commitment.

So, I tossed this bit around in my head a little and realized that although the investment to get started was small, there was still an investment, and there are small ongoing costs and time invested.  Here is how I have decided to structure– feedback and reflection welcome.

Beginning with Nourish Cowichan as a “test subject”, 50% of all my proceeds will be donated, no matter where or from whom the sales are made (ie, whether the buyer is aware where the proceeds are going, half will go to charity).  To make a little more traction, though, I’ve invented a little mini-campaign I’m going to call “Top Up Tuesday”.  On the last Tuesday of the month, all proceeds (100%) will go to my charity. The strategy is two-fold: it’s easy to think “Oh, I must remember to do that…” and forget, but if there is a one-day focus, it takes up a little more space in the “importance” zone; secondly, the more sales, the higher the commission, and so people might wait to order on “Top Up Tuesday”, know that that is 100% day, hoping to drive the percentage up–if you see my math/logic.  You might be thinking… but wait, Lisa, that means you would actually be encouraging people to buy in the one day you aren’t going to take any commission.  Aha!  You have seen through my ruse….. I told you I was terrible at sales.

But seriously, folks, the point isn’t about sales, and commissions, and whether or not this is a one thing or another.  The point is we are in an ugly time in history.  I want to make some beauty, drive some change, be a conduit for good things.  I hope you’ll join me, in any way you can.  And if you want to do a pop-up day/week for your favourite charity, say the word and we’ll do it. Healthy, safe, beautiful products for women, men and children. And good causes supported.


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